Watching your friends car go through a number of changes over the years is always a pleasure. But sometimes these changes are not best pleasing. I think it’s fair to say Kyle had a battle on his hands at times with this car. Unfortunately this shoot came at a time at the end of the life for this beautiful Audi A3 sportback due to repeating cooling issues.

This was now the perfect opportunity to photograph the car in all it’s glory before being broken for parts and going to automotive heaven.

At first glance you will notice the Audi RS3 honeycomb grille paired with the Audi S3 style front bumper, custom splitter and SRS Tech 40mm wider front wings.

To help complete the front end Kyle added a set of Audi A4 style day time running headlights.

On the rear of the car the upgrades continue. There is an S-Line rear bumper matched with an S3 diffuser with custom aero. A popular upgrade on the A3 platform is the 2012+ LED rear lights which really can modernise the rear end and bring the car to life. None of this would be complete with out the US spec boot lid (tailgate) & Audi RS3 roof spoiler.

Kyle also has a private number plate which conveniently is his Instagram tag, which you can find here – @W5OSY

Kyle wasn’t finished here, he added a set of RLD CUP side skirts with extensions, smoothed the door rub strip mouldings and added a set of Thule Wingless roof bars.

Wheel choice can make or break your cars aesthetic appeal. There is a wide choice on the market and I think it’s fairly easy to attempt too much.

I think it’s fair to say Kyle nailed the look of his Audi A3, opting for a set of OZ Racing formula HLT with centre lock covers. 9J ET42 all around wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero 225/35/19 rubber.

Upgrading your cars performance in particular handling and power requires stopping power upgrades. That’s exactly what Kyle has done.

Front – TTRS 4 pot calipers matched with RSQ3 365mm wavy discs (drilled & grooved).

Rear – Upgraded 290mm drilled & grooved discs.

There are alot of option on the market today for lowering your car. You can opt for lowering springs, shock & spring kits, coilovers, hydraulics, air ride etc. There are now numerous extras you can add to air & hydraulic kits and install too.

Kyle opted for Airlift slam struts run by a 4-way manual management system. The buttons for this management were installed and hidden in to the ashtray and pressure gauges built in to the vents.

The setup was complete with a 444C V-air compressor and 2 colour coded tanks. 1 4 gallon and 1 2 gallon.

Being able to lower your car, or raise for that matter of fact, at the push of a button or flick of a switch really does emphasise the convenience of air ride suspension regardless of all the static is better debates.

Depending on your set up you can really get great performance from air ride & set a ride height, parking height & raise your car when required coming up to slopes & humps, it really does seem to be a no brainer.

It’s all well & good spending your hard earned money on performance & aesthetic upgrades but without a doubt you spend a great amount of time (hopefully) inside your car and driving.

Making your interior a comfortable and great place to be can really transform your car and add your personal touches.

So where do you start off? An effective and popular choice is steering wheel change & seats.

Kyle added an Audi R8 flat bottom steering wheel, Audi TT air vents (also where his air ride pressure gauges are installed) & double din conversion with a full Pioneer system all round. Oh and lets not forget the front red leather Recaro CS seats.

There is also a roll cage installed colour coded to the car too.

The rear bench, arm rest, gear gator and door card were all trimmed in red leather to match the Recaro CS front seats. The headlining & pillar trims were all upgraded to the S-Line black alternatives. The plastics on the interior were colour coded to the cars paint work and the rear parcel shelf had been re-trimmed in black leather.

For me personal my favourite part about upgrading a car is the performance, it just makes the car far more enjoyable.

The A3 was remapped, running a stage 3 Turbo Dynamics billet hybrid turbo, S3 intercooler, MAFless & running a Darkside EGR removal kit & a hard pipe kit. This gave impressive figures of 220BHP & 460ft-lb over factory. The noise this car made for a diesel was incredible – no doubt thanks to the Miltek non-res full exhaust system including the downpipe leading to a quad exit.

The engine bay was complete with red Forge silicone hoses, an all important oil catch can, strut brace and engine bay plastics being colour coded to the cars paint work.

It’s a shame cars like these have to come to an end with all the memories that are created. But there comes a point in time where sometimes the correct thing to do is just move on.

The Audi A3 was a real credit to Kyle and I loved watching it progress over the last couple of years.

It’s not all bad though, Kyle now owns a Mercedes C63 AMG – we will no doubt be back with some photos in the near future.

Thanks for reading.